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Tönnies remains a family company

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Ownership structure remains unchanged | Disruption proceedings ended | Expansion of organic production

Tönnies remains a family company

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 04. August 2021 – The shareholders of the Tönnies Group – Robert, Clemens and Maximilian Tönnies – today announced that the previous ownership structure will remain unchanged. The shares in the company will thus remain in family hands. The shareholders emphasize that they will continue to lead the company into the future together as a family business. In addition, both shareholder trunks declare the dispute to be over.

In the first half of 2021, the two shareholder trusts Robert Tönnies (50%) and Clemens and Maximilian Tönnies (50%) jointly examined various options for the future design of the ownership structure. They came to the conclusion that the current structure is exactly the right one to continue decades of successful work. All shareholders have the goal of shaping the future of Tönnies together with the operational management. The company is well positioned and ready to tackle the socio-political challenges systematically.

The shareholders agree that Tönnies is unique worldwide in its orientation as an integrated food producer. This corporate value is to be continuously increased. In the course of their strategic deliberations, the shareholders have therefore unanimously determined further focal points for the company’s development in addition to the expansion of the core business in Germany.

In the coming years, the focus will be on sustainability, climate protection and animal welfare. The expansion of new business areas such as pet food or plant-based meat alternatives will play an increasingly important role. Tönnies is already the market leader in the organic sector. In the interests of sustainable corporate development, this segment is to be continuously expanded.

With the clear statement for the joint future as a family business, the shareholders are making their contribution to putting an end to the rumors and speculation about a sale or partial sale of the company.