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Tillman’s – tailored to the market, international, attractive to customers

The Convenience business unit is managed by our subsidiary, Tillman’s Convenience GmbH. To best meet the requirements of different markets and the wishes and needs of our customers and retail partners, the Convenience sites are highly specialised and individual. For this reason, the Convenience business unit is split into four competence areas.

Tillman’s is one of Europe’s specialist companies for fresh, self-service packaged meat. It offers national and international customers a wide range of products, which include fast-moving basic articles as well as marketable specialist and seasonal articles.

In the Frozen sector, the varied and innovative ranges of attractive frozen products are based on high-quality raw materials that are simple and easy to prepare.

Whether for company catering, clinics, cafeterias, daycare centers, or the food service industry: Our “Artland Foodservice” offers the desired products for every target group. With excellent taste, high quality, uncomplicated preparation and reliable calculations, we are a strong partner for the food service industry, system suppliers and bulk consumers. To the “Artland Foodservice” website:

The Fresh Convenience sector is one of the growing ranges for the future. Health, variety, simple handling, and top quality play a key role for the consumers.

From traditional sausage specialities and cured meats based on proven recipes to tasty and innovative trend products, we offer our customers a varied selection. The watchwords here are flexible, efficient and only the best raw materials.

Latest technologies – the Cleanarium

The Cleanarium is a special super-high-care area in which the freshly cut raw material is supplied for robot-controlled mince production on automatic transport routes. The material is carefully minced and packed immediately. This retains optimum freshness.

Greater transparency with fTrace

When it comes to meat, it is not just freshness and good quality that are important, the origin of the raw materials is also increasingly important. Many Tillman’s products are identified with an fTrace barcode so that the consumer can view information on the products using a smartphone, even before making the purchase.

Organic mark DE-ÖKO-044

Each company that produces organic products must be audited and certified by a certification body. From the time of certification, the number of the checking agency must be listed on every organic product next to the seal. In the case of Tillman’s, this is the organic mark DE-ÖKO-044.

Tillman’s is certified for the manufacture of fresh, seasoned and unseasoned organic meat products from organic pork and organic beef materials as well as deep-frozen organic convenience products.

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competence areas: self-service meat, frozen convenience, fresh convenience & finished meat products


stands for the organic mark DE-ÖKO-044, which identifies food and its ingredients that come from ecological farming


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