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The specialist for temperature-controlled transport and logistics.


TEVEX Logistics – our logistics specialist

TEVEX Logistics GmbH with its head office in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in East Westphalia is an international, cross-industry provider of transportation and logistics services. The transportation company is part of the Tönnies Group and has 580 employees. TEVEX is a specialist in temperature-controlled transport and warehouse logistics. The company offers its customers a closed refrigeration chain with controlled temperatures from -30 to +25 °C. TEVEX is represented with its own branches at four locations in Germany (Rheda, Sögel, Weißenfels, Kellinghusen), one location in Poland and another in Austria.

In addition to designing individual logistics solutions, the core competences of TEVEX also include the organisation of the entire logistics chain, from commissioning and labelling to the storage of chilled and dry goods to international transport logistics. The latter includes combined transport by rail and boat.

Services from TEVEX Logistics

TEVEX’s core competence is supplying food retailers in Germany. This specifically includes the transportation of goods at temperatures between 0 and +2° C. Every day the TEVEX vehicles travel to several warehouses from the distribution centre in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. TEVEX drivers have the necessary specialist knowledge and considerable experience in the food industry. TEVEX Logistics understands the absolute necessity to comply with cold chains, hygiene regulations and quality management and offers maximum protection as well as maximum individuality. With the right technology, excellent service and constant monitoring, TEVEX guarantees that your products arrive on time and retain their quality.

In addition to transportation, TEVEX offers high-quality logistics services such as refrigeration, dry storage, commissioning and packaging of products. For many customers, this segment is an attractive supplement to the core services and helps to offer solutions that are as customer-specific and individual as possible.

Overseas container transport completes the services provided by TEVEX. In addition to sea freight and classic road transportation, TEVEX offers flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly opportunities for transporting goods to port in intermodal transport. To optimise these methods, TEVEX uses ultra-light chassis and operates its own company trains which regularly travel from the combined terminals in Minden and Halle an der Saale to the German sea ports. This video shows the entire containerised logistics chain using the example of pork.

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Green Logistics – Efficient in every regard

Our idea of Green Logistics is to optimise all of our logistics processes and thus respect sustainable value creation. As a modern forwarding and logistics provider, we ultimately feel responsible for our environment and want to play a part in climate protection. We consider the optimisation of our existing supply chain through intelligent vehicle routing and the use of synergies to be the most promising means to achieve this. We also implement measures to reduce CO2 emissions by using more intermodal transport and thus moving traffic from the road to the railway. The vehicles in our environmentally-friendly fleet have been rigorously adapted to comply with Euro 6. Intelligent telematic systems help us to keep an eye on the fuel consumption of our fleet and to identify potential improvements.

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