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We are providing housing that meets defined standards for employees who express an interest.

Around 70 percent of our employees live in a private house or flat. For the other 30 percent, we provide appropriate living space. To this end, the Tönnies Group’s real estate company has purchased or rented more than 400 flats and houses since the summer of 2020 and has brought them up to the desired standard step by step. The accommodation will be refurbished, renovated and furnished and made available to employees of the Tönnies Group at local rents. The refurbishment and renovation of the flats and houses is almost complete. The main task now is to ensure the standard through maintenance and to further expand here and there.

In order to achieve this standard, all flats were gradually inspected and the necessary next steps were taken according to their condition. In some cases, the real estate company deliberately de-rented flats because they did not meet market standards and there was no prospect of adequately establishing this standard through renovation measures.

In total, the Immobilien Gesellschaft has created around 3,800 residential places for the employees of the Tönnies Group since the summer of 2020. It is an ongoing process that will continue in order to raise the standards of the flats step by step. We are also successively parting with old flats in order to replace them with new ones with higher standards. This should make our employees feel even more at home with us and, at best, bind them to us in the long term.

Kevin Bultmann

Director Immobilien Services

Our work

The team of the real estate company always keeps an eye on the flats of our employees to ensure that the standard continues to be maintained. This involves both the furnishings and fittings as well as the occupancy and condition of the flats and properties.

These are checked regularly – also in cooperation with the local authorities. Only in this way can we ensure that the standards are maintained in the long term. In doing so, we naturally comply with applicable tenancy law and take into account the privacy of our employees.

The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the flat as well as the basic tidiness.

70 percent of our staff who have decided to stay longer in Germany move into private accommodation after some time. Private accommodation is a space that is strongly protected by fundamental rights. This is where our co-responsibility as an employer ends.

Our responsibility

Around 12,500 employees work for the Tönnies Group in Germany. The Tönnies Group is creating new living space so that employees have adequate living space available outside of their work at the company and so that they have a good starting position to integrate locally. In doing so, we combine this with the goal of retaining some of our employees for the longer term and thus relieve the burden on municipal housing construction, which is reaching its limits in many regions. The goal is to provide our employees with adequate housing at fair conditions so that they see this as the centre of their lives and feel comfortable here. Since the housing market is very tight, we support here in many ways.

The longer employees are with us, the more we can rely on their expertise and conscientious work. After successful induction, very many employees work their way up, bit by bit. If you want to achieve something, you can do that with us. We support everyone through offers, further training and personal discussions. We are proud of every manager who started with us as a simple worker and now takes responsibility for himself and his colleagues, passes on his own knowledge and enables others to do their job reliably and competently.

Integration and a firm local bond succeed first and foremost through reasonable housing conditions. We are therefore firmly convinced that good housing has a positive effect on social coexistence in the medium to long term.

In order to be able to live appropriately, each employee needs his or her own space in the flat. The real estate company takes care to provide common areas as well as retreats in the flats. The flats have different sizes. We make sure that a maximum of two people are accommodated in one bedroom.

Privacy is very important, especially when there is not one family or only family members living in a flat. Therefore, it is a priority to include a sufficient number of bathrooms. The wet room is one of the most private areas of a flat. If possible, several bathrooms should be available so that staff can divide themselves accordingly. For six people, there is at least one bathroom and an additional WC.

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