We produce in a sustainable way – our slaughter by-products are also utilised.

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Valuable by-products

The business unit Ingredients produces and markets valuable by-products created during food production. From these strictly controlled animal and vegetable raw materials, end products are created with high added value, top quality and varied uses.

Innovative technologies as the basis for maximum quality

In all companies within the business unit Ingredients, innovative technologies and production processes form the basis for the manufacture of end products such as protein, grease and meal, which we also develop and produce in accordance with customer-specific specifications and requirements. These items are used in many applications in the fields of pharmacy, foodstuffs and the animal feed industry.

Acontex GmbH

Acontex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tönnies Group and specialises in the processing and finishing of raw materials of animal and plant origin using innovative separation processes. The company has been active in the market since 1998. Acontex manufactures customer-specific, high-quality products using state-of-the-art systems and unique processing technologies, particularly in the field of drying. These products are used in the fields of foodstuffs, animal feed, pet food and aquaculture.


Progra has been a fully-fledged subsidiary of the Tönnies Group since 2008. Thanks to integrated quality management systems, the company offers an extensive range of excellent finished products for demanding, modern food production. The edible oils and fats from Progra have a variety of uses and are purchased by numerous wholesalers, commercial kitchens and caterers as well as restaurants, hospitals, snack bars and bakeries.

Veracus GmbH

Veracus is an international, scientifically focused company which has the goal of producing healthy and sustainable food for people and animals through application-focused research and product development. The company develops and markets high-quality products and premixes for healthy and sustainable food.


PETCURA is part of the Tönnies Group. PETCURA’s maximum experience and product safety ensure that customers benefit from the best quality. PETCURA products are produced in accordance with food standards and are supplied to well-known retail customers. The portfolio includes canned wet food for cats and dogs, dog and cat snacks, and natural chews for dogs.

Nord Ingredients GmbH

Nord Ingredients GmbH has been active in the market since 2014. The focus of company activities is the global marketing of all freely tradeable raw meat materials and their by-products that are created in the slaughter and meat processing industry. These raw materials are then used as basic materials for food, pharmaceuticals, biodiesel or pet food.

Fapro N.V.

Fapro has been in the market since the 1950s. Since 2008, the company has specialised in the processing of animal waste generated exclusively from the slaughter of pigs. These by-products are then used to produce high-quality pork fats and meal. Fapro products are primarily used in pet foods and livestock feed.

Grundt GmbH

For over 30 years, Grundt has been an international specialist in the production, finishing and trade of abattoir by-products from pigs. The company exclusively processes products from German abattoirs and also manufactures its products in accordance with the individual specifications and requirements of its customers. These are used to produce high-quality raw materials for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and animal feed production.

Union Protein GmbH

Union Protein GmbH deals in abattoir by-products, animal products and feedstuffs.

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