Number 1 for self-service sausage and canned sausages.


Number 1 for self-service sausage and canned sausages

The zur Mühlen Group, with its head office in Böklund, is one of the leading companies in the meat and sausage industry in Europe. In Germany, the group is number 1 in the self-service sausage and canned sausage market. With over 4,000 employees, the zur Mühlen Group produces more than 2 billion consumer packagings per year. The group includes popular sausage brands such as Böklunder, Gutfried, Könecke, Redlefsen, Schulte, hareico, Plumrose, Schwarz Cranz and Original Lechtaler.

The most advanced production technology

The production lines run by the zur Mühlen Group are among the most advanced in the world and use the latest machine technology. With the goal of being able to guarantee its end consumers absolute product and quality safety, over the last 18 years the zur Mühlen Group has invested more than EUR 230 million in the further development of operating processes and the modernisation of production sites. Pioneering industrial machine technology, robot technology and the latest CNC controls have been integrated at all plants and have thus become standard at the zur Mühlen Group.

Fully-automatic processes, qualified employees

Many processes along the production line run fully automatically and with the latest CNC controls. For example, in the smoking chambers at Böklund, computers control 25 gondolas which are led to the smoking process by conveyor rails. The little sausages are then mechanically rotated into the jar in the specified quantity. In this way, Europe’s most advanced sausage robots produce 6-8 tonnes of  country sausages during each shift.

The high-tech production lines used by the zur Mühlen Group enable the efficient and flexible manufacture of award-winning quality products, including self-service sausages, cold cuts, fresh products, sausages and convenience items of all categories.

In addition to highly-automated production systems, manual operations also play a very important role. Employees with detailed specialist knowledge produce the meat and sausage products using traditional recipes. They also develop new seasonal trend products for retail and fine tune new recipes. In this way, committed and qualified employees ensure the high quality of every individual product and thus guarantee the success of the group. Within the zur Mühlen Group, the transfer of knowledge within the different locations gives them the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to almost any customer requirement.

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