Current situation at the other group sites

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Current situation at the other group sites

The Tönnies Group also produces meat and sausage products for food retailers, wholesalers and restaurants at other sites in Germany.

The company is thus aware of its particular responsibility – both to the employees within the companies with regard to health and safety at work and also to the residents in the local regions.

For this reason, the companies within the Tönnies Group have also established a hygiene concept in these locations that is tailored specifically to the company in question and its employees, and this is constantly updated.

One aspect of the hygiene concept is regular mass testing of employees for COVID-19. As it stands now, there are no other significant outbreaks at the other group sites. However, we do not want to become complacent – so the measures and tests at each location are being constantly expanded and adjusted to suit the current situation.

Furthermore, the company is in close contact with the relevant local authorities who also make their own assessment of the current situation. Selected statements are available here:

Günter Wigbers, Municipality Mayor of the municipality of Sögel
Commune Director of the commune of Sögel


Dear fellow citizens,
After major infection events at foreign and some German abattoirs, parcel delivery services, after family holidays or church services, people in the entire region are worried; after all, around 2,000 people work at Weidemark. In recent days in particular, we have received many questions relating to the subject of coronavirus and which preventative measures have already been implemented. We have also been asked for estimates of future developments. I would like to present you with a selection of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

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Günter Wigbers, Municipality Mayor of the municipality of Sögel

Statement by the Mayor of Weißenfels, Robby Risch, on the measures relating to Tönnies
(Video: 25.06.2020)

Transcript of comments

Robby Risch, Mayor of Weißenfels