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New CFO: Daniel Nottbrock hands over to Carl Bürger

Start Allgemein New CFO: Daniel Nottbrock hands over to Carl Bürger

Planned handover to next CFO

New CFO: Daniel Nottbrock hands over to Carl Bürger

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 31. August 2021 – At the end of the year, an era will come to an end at the Tönnies Group: Daniel Nottbrock (45) will hand over the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) after more than 20 years. As agreed several years ago, his previous deputy Carl Bürger (34) will take over the position on the Board of Management. Nottbrock intends to focus on his role as Managing Director of Asset Immobilien GmbH from January 1, 2022. However, he will remain on the advisory board of the Tönnies Group with his many years of experience and expertise.

“We envisaged this handover several years ago and agreed it with the shareholders. Asset Immobilien GmbH has become so extensive and diverse that I already have enough to do with it,” says Daniel Nottbrock. “With Carl Bürger, I am also now handing over the financial management of the holding company to younger hands.” The 34-year-old had already successively taken over the Group’s operational finance business over the past three years. “There was a smooth and noiseless transition here, which only needs to be formally implemented on January 1,” adds Nottbrock. Carl Bürger played a major role in the successful takeover of, among others, the Danish Tican Group in 2015 and, most recently, the sausage manufacturer Schwarz Cranz last year.

“I am deeply grateful to Daniel Nottbrock. He has actively helped shape our company since 1999 and put it on an excellent financial footing. Without him, Tönnies would not be nearly as well on track today,” says Clemens Tönnies, Managing Partner. “I am therefore pleased that he will remain with us as a member of the Advisory Board with his deep expertise.” The shareholders welcome the future structure. “We would like to thank Daniel Nottbrock for the work he has done. We now want to continue this with Carl Bürger,” underlines Robert Tönnies.

Carl Bürger is a Tönnies homegrown. The 34-year-old joined the Group 16 years ago. He knew Tönnies from his grandfather, who was the administrative manager at the Weißenfels site. After an internship and a vacation job, he completed the practical part of his business studies at Tönnies in Rheda. He was thus the first dual student at the food producer. At the age of 21, he took over as head of accounting, shortly followed by accounting control, before being appointed deputy to Daniel Nottbrock. Now Carl Bürger succeeds his boss.