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We are active around the world as a multi-tier company in the food industry.

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International Division

Successful positioning in international markets

The international activities of the Tönnies Group are controlled and implemented by the company’s head office in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and, currently, 18 international offices. Within the division, the group specifically plans and implements sales and marketing. This includes marketing and direct sales of the entire Tönnies product portfolio.

The teams in the International Division constantly analyse the foreign markets. The division also performs market and trend analyses and focuses on current megatrends, the development of consumer needs and competitive activities. The goal: to always be close to the pulse of market developments and to define niches for existing and new products and fill them as quickly as possible.

Locations of the Tönnies Group
worldwide (40)

Germany (22) Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Sögel, Weißenfels, Kellinghusen, Bamberg, Kempten, Wilhelmshaven, Legden, Badbergen, Bremen, Steinfeld, Meppen, Böklund, Delmenhorst, Satrup, Versmold, Gütersloh, Dissen, Elmshorn, Suhl, Zerbst, Chemnitz
Belgium (2) Hulshout, Ichtegem
Dänemark (1) Brörup
Denmark (1) Aragon
Poland (4) Slawa TG Nova, Morgi, Slubice, Grodzisk Wielkopolski
United Kingdom (6) Coventry, Malton, Eye Suffolk, Harlow, St. Bury Edmunds, Walsall
France (1) Vire
Austria (1) Traun
Italy (1) Vignola
Russia (-)

Continue targeted internationalisation

For several years, Tönnies has consistently pursued a strategy of internationalisation which is implemented in stages. Tönnies has important production sites in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, France and Poland from which quality meat is sold around the world. In other countries, Tönnies is in the process of expanding preliminary stages of production, such as fattening farms, to create a basis for production.

These countries are relevant export markets in which strategic sites may be built in the future. In the course of internationalisation, Tönnies has been able to grow significantly in France and Poland in recent years, and in Great Britain it has even become the market leader in the segment.

International top quality

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